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We Meet All Your Property Preservation/Construction Needs

Bickham Property Preservation Services LLC is one of the largest and leading
property preservation and construction services and solution provider
operating in multiple states across the USA

Expertise in the field

Employing our in house professionals with more than 10 years of experience in dealing all kinds
of preservation and construction work, we can guarantee our services
are of the highest standards.

Expertise in the office

Employing some of the best knowledgeable professionals in the industry
and equipped with our own in house processing team,we take pride in the custom made service we
provide to each of our clients

Why choose us?

With honesty and integrity at the forefront, we pride ourselves at ensuring customers
are given the utmost priority.We therefore put effort in ensuring there is open communication between you,
the customer, and us by establishing strong interpersonal relationships right from the start.
In addition, to ensure we achieve the ultimate goal of preserving and securing your assets, we carry out criminal background checks on our staff before hiring them.
This guarantees that only the best and true professionals handle your property. We also train and shape the staff into our own liking to ensure they understand that customers are our number one priority. We further provide them with monthly training sessions to educate them with any
new industry regulations and requirements

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Welcome to
Bickham Property Preservation Services LLC

Offering a wide variety of property preservation services including REO services, lawn maintenance and landscaping, inspections, and rehabilitation, as well as pre-foreclosure and post-foreclosure management, we are one of the premier property preservation companies in the country. With unrivalled experience in property preservation, we strive to meet all our clients’ needs at the first time of asking and in a timely manner. Furthermore, we use advanced information technology and employ friendly and skilled staff with years of experience in the property preservation and construction industry to provide the highest-quality services possible. Our core aim is to provide the best property preservation and construction services at reasonable market rates and with the fastest turnaround time, all without compromising quality. Let Bickham Property Preservation Services LLC be your preferred property preservation and construction company and receive cost-effective solutions for your valuable assets—guaranteed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Expert and Professional

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Bickham Property Preservation Services is a well-reputed and experienced company that has operated for over 14 years. By operating in diversified sectors of property preservation and construction industries, we have creatively and innovatively retained our clients and sustained our position in the industry, even when the market struggled. We are always on the lookout for opportunities, employ new and creative ideas to provide the best of services to our valuable clients, making us specialized in almost all aspects of property preservation and construction work—from small, regularly recurring work to full construction and property rehab.

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  • Phone Number

  • 1800 659 0043 ext 802

  • Location

  • 7676 Hillmont St. Suite 290 S Houston Tx. 77040